Under the written agreement contract signed with the Government, the residents of Aino Maina make payments to the developer company AFCO International Construction and Roads Company.  For that money, the residents of Aino Maina are entitled to receive the following services, in accordance with international standards:

These services include:

  • Water supply system infrastructure
  • Sewer line system infrastructure
  • Electricity supply infrastructure
  • Charging underground water table
  • Roads construction of quality standard
  • Green areas (development and maintenance)

We want all our residents to live in a better place where their daily needs, such as water, electricity, a clean and free-of-pollution environment, parks, businesses, learning centers, and Masjids thrive. 

The money that we residents pay to the company these are the services we must receive.  And the services are to be provided in the order of payments received.  If you have made payments but your area has not been serviced, or if there is a problem with the services that you have been given (like substandard roads, water problems, electricity issues, please contact us

Water Supply

Water is a great blessing of our Creator given to us human beings.   Unfortunately, today we use this precious liquid with grave carelessness.

Mr. Hamid Helmandi has brought a modern system to Aino Maina to keep our underground water clean and safe from the waste water we use in daily life.

Aino Maina also has a large agricultural area, for which we have made a well-organized water supply system. That is why for all green spaces, forests, playing grounds, and gardens we use water Dripping System, which reduces unnecessary water use in agriculture by 80 to 90 percent.

To protect and recharge our underground water, Mr. Helmandi has constructed a sufficient number of check dams in Aino Maina. These check dams will fully help in enriching the water reservoirs.

We will be sharing information about our water system in more detail in our Aino Maina Salam blog. 

Sewer Line

In Aino Maina, we have a modern system that is designed to prevent the dirty and waste water seeping to the groundwater.  In addition, the system is designed to clean the water and recycle it so that it is safe to be used to water the green areas.

Sufficient investment and maintenance of the sewer line system by the developers at AFCO International is essential to keeping our water system clean. 

Electricity Infrastructure

In addition to providing the infrastructure, the lead developer and co-founder of this project, Mr. Helmandi Helmandi is also focused on sustainable electricity solutions for all the residents of Aino Mena.

Naturally, this protects the environment from pollution associated with diesel generators and at the same time mitigates unnecessary expenses associated with non-renewable sources of energy. 

Road Construction

Connectivity is an essential principle of building a city, so that citizens can travel from one point of the city to another point easily, with less time and less expense, and with no traffic jam on the roads.

The most essential element in a town is the quality of road construction.  Roads built according to international standards will maintain their quality continuously for many decades. 

Green Areas

Green areas are a form of passive energy concept that provides a cooling system for an area.  In Aino Maina, the green areas are extra important for the residents.  They cool down the warm winds that come from the southwest side of Kandahar.

Aino Maina’s green areas are also very beautiful and adds to the beauty of our township.  Mr. Helmandi has brought so many different species of trees and plants to Aino Maina, after undertaking an indepth study of matching the township’s flora and fauna with local climate and water usage.  


The abuse and sale of green areas and turning green areas into commercial and residential purposes is strictly prohibited and a crime against the residents of Aino Maina!


The Fountains in Aino Maina are used today to decorate and beautify our Aino Maina township.

We intend to have several more such projects in Aino Maina to make it more beautiful, natural, clean, facilitated and living worthily.

Schedule of Services: to be uploaded soon!

For those of you who made payments to the developer five years ago, and your areas have not been serviced, or there are challenges with the quality of the services, please contact us.