Mr. Hamid Helmandi, one of the original co-founders of the Aino Maina township project, and partner of AFCO Company, named this township Aino Maina, which means Aino’s ‘homeland” or “dwelling” in honor of Aino Bibi, also respectfully referred to as Aino “Ana” (meaning grand mother).

Mrs. Aino was a strong and patriotic Afghan woman who lived in Kandahar during the reign of Ahmad Shah Baba. She became famous with a story of her patriotism, honor and firmad her ence to the law of the land.

Here in Aino Maina, we firmly believe that rule of law is the cornerstone of a successful, just and forward-moving society.  On behalf of all the residents of Aino Maina, we stand to uphold the rule of law in our township, especially when it comes to fraud, crime, land-grabbing, and embezzlement.


In 2002, AFCO International Construction and Roads Company submitted a bid for the Zone E  township and was awarded a Public Private Partnership to build a town ship in Kandahar,  under a built, operate, and transfer arrangement.  Initially, the project was to build homes and sell homes.  Later, it was changed to sell and plots. 

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