To be the best reflection of a model township in Afghanistan and region, at the levels of its infrastructure, overall design, leadership integrity, economic productivity, and sustainability.  To be a community that is empowered with knowledge about our township and to have the power to stand united in advancing our township whilst upholding the values of integrity, truth and justice. 


To have a thriving township that has a fully equipped community-based maintenance system which will attracts economic, health, education and other opportunities for Kandahar. 


Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” defines success as the power with which to acquire whatever on edemands of life with out violating the rights of others.”

On behalf of all the residents of Aino Maina and the future generations to come, we want to see our township and its residents, especially our children and grandchildren learn that riches are achieved through service and honesty, and not through theft, lies crimes and embezzlement.

We are committed to ensuring that the work in this township continues without violating the rights of others, especially the rights of the Aino Maina residents and the rights of honest businessmen like Mr. Helmandi who have worked hard to serve not only Aino Mena’s residents but all of Afghanistan.